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Optimize, Enhance and Secure WordPress

A set of WordPress plugins for efficient websites

NutsForPress plugins designed for optimizing WordPress: improve indexing for SEO purpose, display correctly the Social sharing of your content, deliver images with an optimized resolution and size and keep your website reactive and loading fast.

NutsForPress plugins enhancing WordPress functionalities: prevent email messages from being considered spam or being rejected, deal with maintenance mode, duplicate or sort post into your archive pages and deal with restricted contents.

NutsForPress plugins built for protecting WordPress: ask two factor authentication to your administrators, limit login attempts, prevent attackers from discovering user information and get warned when WordPress core files differ from the original ones.

All the NutsForPress WordPress plugins are


NutsForPress plugins are extremely lightweight and they not add weight to your WordPress website.


NutsForPress plugins are developed according to the rules set by the WordPress developer handbook.


NutsForPress plugins are totally free and freely downloadable from the WordPress repository.