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WordPress Plugin: NutsForPress SMTP Mail

NutsForPress SMTP Mail, for managing outgoing email and to prevent email to be considered as junk, to be marked as spam and to be redirected to spam folder

SMTP Mail provides the following capabilities:
  • Set up your own personal SMTP server: You can configure your website to utilize your personal SMTP server for all outgoing email messages, including registration emails, newsletters, e-commerce notifications, and more.
  • Define the sender address and name: Specify the sender’s email address and name, ensuring that your emails are displayed in the recipient’s mail client with the desired sender information, such as “My Name” myname@mydomain.ext.
  • Send test emails: You have the option to send test emails to a real recipient, allowing you to verify that your SMTP settings are configured correctly. Alternatively, you can send test emails to services that assess email reliability, such as mail-tester, to ensure optimal deliverability and performance.

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