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WordPress Plugin: NutsForPress Indexing and SEO

NutsForPress Indexing and SEO is a lightweight plugin to increase your website's popularity with search engines and climb up the Google SERP

Indexing and SEO offers the following features:
  • Define a title and description for SEO purposes: Fill them in for each post and page to make them discoverable in search engine snippets
  • Enhance content sharing on social networks: The featured image, title, and description are automatically used when sharing content from your website, thanks to the Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card tags.
  • Set a backup image to be used for sharing pages and posts that don’t have a featured image.
  • Replace the default WordPress sitemap with a customizable and automatically generated one, which includes links to translated pages and posts using WPML
  • Apply a “noindex” tag to pages and posts that you don’t want to be indexed by search engines
  • Automatically populate the “description,” “caption,” and “alt title” fields for any uploaded attachment file
  • Perform a bulk rebuild of the “description,” “caption,” and “alt title” for all attachment files
  • Add Analytics script and other scripts to the head, footer, or body of your website and prevent them from loading when an admin is browsing the site while logged in

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