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WordPress Plugin: NutsForPress Images and Media

NutsForPress Images and Media: define image size and JPEG compression for all the uploaded media as well as rebuild image and PDF thumbnails asynchronously

Images and Media allows you to:
  • Define an image size threshold and automatically resize images exceeding that threshold upon upload, without affecting the original image
  • Set a JPEG compression level and automatically compress JPEG images upon upload to achieve the desired compression quality, while preserving the original image
  • Perform a bulk rebuild of thumbnails (size and quality) using WordPress native functions, filters, and hooks, based on the original image
  • Bulk rebuild missing PDF preview images
  • Prevent GIF images from being resized by this plugin or by WordPress, ensuring their animation remains intact
Your original media will be preserved and you can roll back to the original ones every time yo need.

Get the NutsForPress Images and Media from the WordPress repository

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