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WordPress Plugin: NutsForPress Maintenance Mode

NutsForPress Maintenance Mode allows you to display a splash page to all the visitors, except for the administrators that you decide to allow to login

Maintenance Mode offers the following functionalities:
  • Set up a “Maintenance Mode” state: You can activate a maintenance mode and redirect all website visitors to a landing page that you define
  • Restrict access to the REST API: If desired, you can safely hide all content, including textual content provided by the REST API
  • Hide and redirect the sitemap page: The plugin allows you to hide and redirect the sitemap page, whether it’s the default WordPress sitemap or the one provided by the NutsForPress Indexing and SEO plugin
  • Prevent login for most users during Maintenance Mode: While Maintenance Mode is enabled, regular users are unable to log in, except for specific Administrators whom you explicitly authorize by checking a checkbox in their profiles
  • Automatic authorization for the involved Administrator: When the plugin is activated, the Administrator responsible for activating Maintenance Mode is automatically authorized to continue working and logging in
  • Remove authorization flags for Administrators: If you remove all authorization flags from all Administrators, they can all continue logging in and working during Maintenance Mode
  • Instant logout for unauthorized users: Any logged-in users, including Administrators who are not explicitly authorized, are instantly logged out when Maintenance Mode is activated

Get the NutsForPress Maintenance Mode from the WordPress repository

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